With so many different kinds of ways available to reach the target audience, many new companies and business owners doubt if email marketing is still relevant today. The short answer is yes, it is still a very effective way of reaching an audience because of the numerous benefits of email marketing.

You can see bloggers trying to collect your emails by offering you to subscribe to their newsletter so you don’t miss their latest updates. The first thing that you need to submit before knowing more details about an offer is your email. You must have submitted your email to unlock content, get a free Ebook, or watch a video.

Marketers are spending money on email marketing tools, and on building products to give you for free to get your email. Even in 2021, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with the audience, increase sales, and enhancing the brand awareness of a company.

It is Cheaper

With other forms of paid advertisement, you have to spend money each time when you run a campaign. When you advertise another offer through Facebook, YouTube, or Google advertisements you have to invest more of your money to get eyeballs on your offer. You might be spending money to reach the same audience with a different offer.

But, when you are approaching people by email marketing, you don’t have to spend money on advertisement again. You simply need to write an email for the people on your contact list. With one click you can send the email to everyone in your list.

You would only need to spend money on email marketing tools, and on building, content to collect the emails. If you have something valuable to offer, people would be willing to provide you their email easily.

The process is Automated

You only have to spend your time and effort once to make the email swipes and setting up a sequence. You can create a welcome email and some follow-up emails which your subscribers would get in a specific time interval selected by you.

Whenever someone new subscribers to your email list, they will get your welcome email instantly. They would keep getting follow-up emails for the next couple of days according to your preference. This increases the chance of making a sale as expert marketers say that the money is in the follow-up.

When you have a new offer that you can promote to your audience, you would just need to create new email swipes and set up a follow-up email sequence again. All your old and new subscribers would get the same message according to the sequence that you created.

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Offers You Segmented Marketing

When you post something on social media, you don’t get the option to customize the post for different kinds of audiences based on their attributes. All your audience would see the same post which is a major disadvantage of social media marketing.

With email marketing, you would be able to customize the email scripts for your audience based on certain factors. Not every email script will work for every kind of audience and a good email marketer knows that.

Customizing your emails based on subscriber data gives you a better chance of generating engagements from your audience. You can make sales by forwarding the right kind of emails to people at different stages of the buying cycle.

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Gives you more control

You must have heard about digital marketers getting banned from running Facebook ads. Many YouTube channels getting a strike on their channels which later on leads to permanent account suspension. Websites also can get delisted from Google and lose major portions of their traffic.

In all the above cases, a marketer or a content creator has to depend on other tech giants like Google, YouTube, and Facebook. They are a great source for getting traffic and I am not discouraging you from using them. But, when you collect an email from a person that is yours for life.

You can easily export the list of emails from your Email marketing tools and store them online or offline in remote storage. Even if you lose other sources of traffic you are never losing the emails that you collected after putting in so much effort.

It is More Effective

According to surveys, it has been found that more digital marketers and agencies are getting more conversions by doing email marketing than other forms of advertisement. One of the reasons is that you can reach the customers in real-time. You can schedule when to send emails to your customers after proper analysis.

Marketing solely depends on data and testing which email marketing allows you to do very efficiently. Since it costs almost nothing to send out an email, you can keep trying different scripts to make them convert. You can simply use the scripts that get you more conversion over and over again.

Most of the customers don’t buy anything online the first time they lay their eyes on the product. In Facebook, you use pixels to remind them of the offer but it is not as effective as an email follow-up.

It is more action-driven

It is much more likely that a person will click on an email you sent compared to click an ad that they saw on Facebook. An email is more personal and we are trained to take action when we see an email.

Marketers leverage this behavior of the customers to get the result that they want. They add media and graphics to make the email more alluring so the recipients get curious to click on the link or reply to the email wanting to know more.

Bloggers use email marketing to make people visit their blogs. Affiliate marketers use them to drive more traffic to their sales page. Brands use them to drive more traffic to their eCommerce website.

Easy to Analyze

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that you don’t have to predict anything. All the data are available to you which you can use to plan your next move. You can see how many people have opened your emails, and how many people unsubscribed from your email list.

If people are not opening your emails then you understand that you need to work on your subject line. You can easily compare how different mail campaigns are working out for you. With sufficient changes, you would be able to market your offer better to people.

One of the best email marketing tips that you can get is to analyze the data and work on making it better. Every expert marketer understands the value of data analysis and taking actions to improve their marketing strategies.

Increasing Brand Awareness

It is very easy to make people more aware of your presence by doing email marketing. Since you are reaching people directly on their email which they check multiple times a day, you would get noticed more.

It is better to combine social media campaigns with social media marketing to get the best results. The audience that you would capture using social media can be retained much better-using email marketing.

However, just because you can send an email to your subscribers every day doesn’t mean you should do that. It can result in more people unsubscribing from your list. Make sure you are emailing them with relevant content that is useful to them.

Know What Your Customer Wants

Every business wants to know what their customers think about their products. They want feedback from customers on how they can improve their product to make it more useful for them. This helps businesses to be innovative and get more sales.

With the help of email marketing, it is very easy to collect feedback from customers. Emails are two-way communication that allows customers to send their feedback. Now, businesses are also sending quizzes, ratings, and surveys through email that gives them even more insight into the needs of their customers.

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It’s not going away

It would be hard to find a person today who doesn’t use email. To use most social media you would need an email. The first email was sent back in 1971, and today over 4 billion people are using emails.

People need emails for their work and almost anyone who uses the internet also uses an email. No matter who your audience is, you can reach them using email in most cases. Email marketing is future-proof and the number of email users would only grow larger in the future.


Email marketing benefits can be seen in both B2B and B2C businesses. Content creators, Affiliate marketers, and even small business owners are also using email marketing for their growth.

Email marketing can enhance the performance and sales of any kind of business. If you haven’t yet started doing email marketing, you are missing out. It doesn’t take much to start doing email marketing and operating the tools are very easy.

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