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Build a Great Brand and People Will Love You

Your brand is sort of like your identity. It should be unique, easy-to-understand, and draw people towards you. Your brand is representative of who you are, sometimes without saying a word. Your brand may go ahead of you, trail after you, and linger in people’s minds in your absence. Done well, it will be memorable enough that people can’t shake it from their minds triggering them to think of you at the exact time they need whatever it is you have.

Anything can be a brand.

  • Coffee
  • Mattresses
  • Tequila


  • People

That means that you, yourself, maybe a brand that stands out and gets noticed. Whatever your brand, if you build a great one, people will love you.

Brands have a lot of technical parts. They include somethings like

  • Logos
  • Color schemes
  • Names
  • Tag lines
  • Jingles

And more…

Good brands are visually pleasing and may include specialized subliminal messaging if you’re into that sort of thing. Ultimately good branding works when people lean in and begin to know, like, and trust you or the product you sell.

What Makes a Great Brand People Love?

There are a lot of things that contribute to a great brand. Too many to list in one short post, but there are some aspects of branding that can make a big difference and draw people in and keep them coming back. Try these out-

  • Make a good first impression- From your logo design, web design, color schemes, any imagery should be on-trend or timeless and appealing to your target audience. You are also your brand, so your first impression should be consistent with how you are on and off-duty. People shouldn’t feel confused between you and your brand whether you are the brand, or your product is.
  • Stand out and be memorable- Great brands have that certain something that makes them stand out in a sea of sameness. Be unique and find clever ways to stand out in the crowd. This can be through color, tag lines, or a unique activity or action that is easily recognized as yours.
  • Care about what you do- People can smell a phony a mile away. If you aren’t sincere about what you do, it will be obvious. Care about what you do and the people you do it for and you’ll be loved and sought out.
  • Strive for excellence, not perfection- You won’t get it right all the time. Strive to do the best you can in each circumstance and people will notice. If you fail, do it with grace and honor. When you succeed, be sure to be confident yet humble and it will make a positive impact.
  • Deliver on your promises- It takes a while to build a reputation and a very short time to ruin it. Delivering on your promises will make the right impact and keep people coming to your brand again and again. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and your brand will be loved.

Your brand is your reputation and your signature in the marketplace. Build a great brand and people will love you. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to build a great brand, know who you are, treat people well, and stand out from the crowd and you are on your way.

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branding, branding the way people want you to, falling in love with your brand, branding tips, building a brand, build a brand, branding a business, wahm, wahmlife, wahmlifestyle, work at home mom, work-at-home mom, stay at home mom, blogging brand, mom brand, creating a brand

See a Brand, Be a Brand…Pay Attention to what You Love

When it comes to branding, it needs to make sense for your vibe and feel comfortable for the skin you’re in. Branding should be consistent with your values and everyday lifestyle. It wouldn’t make sense to build a brand promoting cussing like a sailor and drinking beer if you tend to be docile and drink lattes. When it comes to branding, it should reflect what you love.

We are influenced by branding all the time. We choose our favorite coffee shop, sneakers, grocery store, and more all based on branding. Don’t be fooled into thinking you aren’t affected by branding- we all are!  

Branding includes visuals and other influences- Brands use all of our senses to attract our loyalty. Their visual materials, logos, storefronts, and collateral are all designed to attract their target audience. If you find you are repeatedly accessing specific brands, that’s probably because you are their target consumer, otherwise, their visual effects and other influences on the senses wouldn’t resonate with you.

A popular brand, Abercrombie, and Fitch use a specific scent inside their stores to attract their target customer. Victoria’s Secret uses color in its stores to attract and entice its target customer. Burger King pipes smell into the air outside their building to make people want their burgers as they drive by.

Branding includes emotional influences- People don’t remember what you did, they remember how you made them feel, which is a loose interpretation of a Maya Angelou quote. It’s very true. We tend to recall experiences and use them to base our decision to embrace or reject a brand.

How you feel when going into a store can affect your attraction to a brand. Your customer service experience can also affect your opinions about a brand. Some companies like Dick’s Last Resort restaurant are known for hiring obnoxious waitstaff who poke fun at guests on purpose as part of the brand’s unique style. Though it may not be for everyone, it does entice their target customer.

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Pay Attention to What you are Attracted to

When thinking about your own brand, pay attention to what you are attracted to. While there’s no good in copying someone’s brand, there’s nothing wrong with emulating a brand or using what you love about them to influence your branding decisions. Typically, good service, good design, and other positive aspects of a brand are great influences and inspirations for your own brand.

Also, your brand should reflect the values you hold highest. If you are all about aesthetics your branding should reflect your attention to visual detail. If you are an experiential person, your brand should reflect exceptional customer service or some sort of concierge experience that is unique to your personal standards.

Paying attention to what you love about other brands can give you a guidebook and insider information on what works in branding.

Pay Attention to What you are NOT Attracted to

The only way we know good is to experience bad. Life is about polarity and duality is what helps us determine what we love and what we don’t. While you are likely aware of brands you love and return to over and again, I am sure you also know what brands you don’t love and why. Thinking about what you don’t like in a brand can help you avoid similar aspects of your own brand and help people fall in love with you.

In the example of Dick’s restaurant, if you cringe at the thought of rude waitstaff and don’t find being publicly humiliated the least bit fun, it’s likely a good thing to avoid when building your brand. Your aversion to that sort of service may help you build guidelines for your brand to ensure positive customer service as a standard.

Building a brand has a lot of steps and a lot of moving parts. You can check some of the to-do items off your list by paying attention to the brands you love…and don’t and be more intentional about why you do or don’t love them. Use this information to guide you on your path while building your brand. 

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It all Starts with a Mission

Hold on! Before you start choosing fonts and securing website URLs, there’s a step you must take before any of that. Before you order those business cards and hire a virtual assistant you must create a mission statement.

A mission statement is a formal statement of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual according to Google.  Let’s break that down.

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Mission Statements Explain Why the Company Exists

A company’s mission can be as simple as serving hot food out the window in less than 50 seconds. Or, it can be to change the way people experience a drive-thru purchase and influence all ages to enjoy fast and convenient foods on the go. While these may not feel like life-altering missions, they may very well be to a fast-food chain.

Knowing why you are doing something lays the foundation for how it happens. Going back to the why helps make financial, legal, ethical, and other decisions easier. The mission is a sort of anchor that keeps the ship from drifting out to sea. Without it, there could be trouble down the line.

Mission Statements Explain How the Company Does Things

Once it’s clear why the company exists, how the company does what it exists to do matters just as much. Remember Dick’s restaurant in the last post? Their mission could read something like this- To provide a delightfully entertaining experience to guests looking for a light-hearted experience while they dine. That explains why Dick’s does what it does. Here’s an example of how they may choose to do that. By providing delicious, easy-to-prepare foods in an atmosphere of genuine sarcasm, humor, and jest. This explains how they intend to carry out the why.

Mission Statements Explain Who the Company Intends to Serve

We can’t be all things to all people. Brands do not attract everyone. Even companies like Starbucks and Mcdonald’s do not try to attract everyone on the planet. Who you are targeting is important and should be in alignment with why you build your brand and how you deliver goods and services. To whom they are going is an important part of your mission statement.

Your target customer is sometimes referred to as an avatar. An example of one person who, given all your attention, would be the exact person you want to serve. It can be as specific as to their age, income level, education, gender, marital status, and more.

The more you drill down who you want to serve the easier it will be to build a brand they will love. For example, someone with oily skin is not going to be attracted to, nor should they be, products that promote oil production. Knowing that they will not be part of the emphasis of your branding helps you focus on people with dry skin who are your target customer. Then you can target that market with your full intention.

Building a mission statement that covers why you want to be in business, how you want to serve your customer, and who that customer is will help you make branding decisions that are on-point and convey the right message to the right audience. 

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branding, branding the way people want you to, falling in love with your brand, branding tips, building a brand, build a brand, branding a business, wahm, wahmlife, wahmlifestyle, work at home mom, work-at-home mom, stay at home mom, blogging brand, mom brand, creating a brand

3 Keys to Build a Brand People Love

Building a brand isn’t about color codes, mobile-friendly websites, and a cool logo. Those are all very important and can make you stand out and be remembered but being remembered isn’t the same as being loved. Building a brand people love is something more than on-trend fonts and having a catchphrase.

Building a brand that stands up to the test of time and the fickle habits of consumers requires 3 keys-

  1. Key One- Actions that align with messaging
  2. Key Two- Personality that aligns with messaging
  3. Key Three- Fostering relationships over transactions

If you focus on these three keys, the rest just may take care of itself.

Key One- Your actions must align with your messaging.

Probably the most important aspect of branding is continuity between who you say you are and what you deliver. Your branding- website, brochures, jingles, tag lines, imagery, and all the bells and whistles need to deliver what they promise. Even better if you over-deliver! Exceeding expectations is a great goal for customer service and client experience.

When your marketing material doesn’t deliver what it promises, it feels like false advertising and can lead to complaints, negative reviews, and loss of customers, trust, and income. Make sure that what your clients and customers experience is in alignment with what you market it to be.

Key Two- Your personality must align with your messaging.

It’s easy to build a brand presence that hits all the pain points and uses all the buzz words. You can hire copywriters to create magnificent sales copy and craft wonderful emails but if the one-to-one experience doesn’t match, it can lead to distrust and confusion. 

Your personality should be in alignment with your brand. If your brand is loud and screams I’m outgoing, be prepared to show up larger than life with your customer. If you’re branding is demure and soft, be certain that you don’t appear to be a bull in a china shop with your customers. Consistency and predictability are important when it comes to building a brand people love.

Key Three- Focus on relationships rather than transactions.

What it takes to make a sale is way different than what it takes to make a relationship. Going to your company once takes a certain level of trust, but it takes another level to keep someone coming back again and again. Focus your brand on building relationships rather than transactions.

When making branding decisions, consider the long-haul benefits for your customers who fall in love with you. As you know, it’s easier to get friends and family to buy cookie dough from your child’s fundraiser, because they already love you. Taking your child door-to-door to peddle that same cookie dough is rough. Invest in your clients so they automatically want to say yes to you when you offer them a product or service down the line.  

Your brand is more than your website. It’s who you are, how you behave, and what investment you put into your customers. Focus on these keys and you’ll design a brand people can’t help but fall in love with.

branding, branding the way people want you to, falling in love with your brand, branding tips, building a brand, build a brand, branding a business, wahm, wahmlife, wahmlifestyle, work at home mom, work-at-home mom, stay at home mom, blogging brand, mom brand, creating a brand

Could you Be Losing Some Love? Avoid these Common Mistakes

Building a brand people love isn’t that hard if you stick to the basics. Build a brand that is unique and a true reflection of yourself. Identify your target customer and serve them well. Those seem like pretty easy guidelines, don’t they? They are, but there are some common mistakes out there that could cost you some love.

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Common Mistakes People Make that Can Cost them Customers and Revenue  

Mistake: Only paying attention to your customer. Knowing who your ideal customer is and what they are looking for is vital. After all, they are the ones you want to love you most of all. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors though. Paying attention to what other providers in your market (as well as any new kids on the block) are up to will help you stay innovative and motivated within your industry. Customers do come first but knowing what your competitors are up to can help you in a few different ways-

  • You can see any missed opportunities to serve your industry that aren’t being met
  • You can identify trends or changes that are important to your industry
  • You can find ways to collaborate and innovate

Mistake: Being too attached to your branding. It’s true that your branding should be a direct reflection of your values and the focus you have for your goods and services but being too attached to your branding decisions can cost you some love. Be sure to have guidance and unbiased professional input along the way. Big brands often use consultants or focus groups to get feedback about their branding to ensure it is effective and delivers the intended messaging.

Mistake: Being too similar to someone else. Your branding should look unique and unlike anyone else’s, even if they are in a different industry. Be careful when you choose fonts, music, web imagery, or other collateral that they are not confusing. You run the risk of someone identifying you incorrectly or going to a competitor thinking it was you. Neither risk is worth it.

Mistake: Making changes too soon. Developing your brand and getting your tribe to fall in love with you takes time. Resist the urge to change up your branding too soon. While your brand may seem old hat to you, it takes repeated exposure to embed your brand into someone else’s subconscious. Make sure to adopt branding the isn’t too trendy or could look obsolete too fast and then keep it around so you have the best chance to become memorable.

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When you are planning your brand, focus on what you can do to earn the love of your customers but also pay attention to what you shouldn’t do. Some mistakes to avoid are obvious but some are tricky. Be aware of the small ways you could be losing some love and be sure to avoid them.

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