Learn the top challenges work at home mom faces and how to solve those challenges.

Let’s learn about the realistic challenges of a work at home mom faces in her everyday life. We can talk about how great being a work at home mom is, but in all honestly, it comes with its challenges too.

Let’s talk about those few struggles a work at home mom will face at some point!

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Not Able To Find a Balance

We know how hard it is to balance a career and to be a mom. You have deadlines to deliver your work, and your kids might have deadlines for their school projects simultaneously. Somedays, you might be working late when your kids want to spend time with you. So you might have to make choices like accepting the new project or doing important things for your family.

Even when working from home, things can get out of hand sometimes, and it is perfectly normal when it happens. However, it is not possible to be perfect all the time. Sooner or later, you would mess things up, and when it happens, it is essential to realize that you are just human and need to move on.

The solution to this problem is to make a routine considering what time you would need to accomplish the most difficult parts of your task. The routine would help you find a balance between your work and your personal life. 

Finding balance will be one of the greatest challenges of a work at home mom.

The Feeling of being Alone

This problem is not specific to moms; anyone who works from home may feel lonely. Feeling lonely is one of those most difficult challenges of a work at home mom. Your whole day, you are working on a computer with sometimes almost zero human interaction depending on your position is. However, we, humans, are social beings and most people need to be around people, so they feel normal.

So, how can you feel less lonely while you are working from home?

Over at BossProject they listed…

-Have a morning routine

-Schedule a coffee meet up

-Consider a community workspace

-Go socialize

-Schedule a Podcast listen

-Hop on Google Hangout with a buddy

-Get dressed up

-Open up the windows

Adding these few tasks into your daily routine will help you fight the realistic challenges of a work at home mom!

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challenges of a work at home mom
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Finding a work from home Job

Flexibility is one of the most important reasons for working at home, so more and more people are looking for such opportunities. Because of the pandemic, the demand for work-from-home jobs increased but so did people looking for a remote position. 

It is not easy to get a work-from-home job that pays decently because of the enormous level of competition. In addition, if you have never worked from home, it can be more challenging for you to find a job and adjust to do your job well.

The solution to this problem is getting skilled, so you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Nowadays, most online training materials are available for free on YouTube, Blogs, and forums. All you need to do is find them and study the material. You can also earn free certificates or pay a minimal registration fee to make your profile even better.

Check out HireMyMom & Indeed to find some work at home jobs!

Finding a legit job can be one of the greatest challenges of a work at home mom!

People Thinking You are not actually working

Even in the 21st century, one of the biggest challenges of working from home for moms is proving to other people that they are actually working. Even today, many people don’t understand the concept of working from home. To them, the idea is simply alien and many view the whole working remotely thing as an elaborate scam.

It gets more difficult to explain to the kids when they see their mom all day sitting in front of a computer instead of paying attention to their needs.

An easy fix to this is by sitting down with your children and explaining to them when you are working, you cannot be disturbed. They need to respect your workspace and boundaries when you are working. Your spouse would support you when money will keep coming from your remote job. Everything will fall in place with time. Setting those rules and boundaries with your loved ones is very crucial to become a successful work at home mom!

challenges of a work at home mom
challenges of a work at home mom
challenges from working at home
work at home mom
working mom

Dealing with Guilt

Even when we are successful, one of the biggest struggles of a WAHM is dealing with the guilt that we are not doing right by our children. This guilt can eat a mom from the inside and significantly damage her mental health. It is very important to address this guilt and find ways to deal with it.

It is unbelievable to contemplate the amount of pressure and burden that we mommies have to deal with regularly. It can consume you so much that you won’t be able to focus on your work. You would need to take this seriously and find ways to get rid of the guilt of being a mompreneur. 

BusyMomSmartMom says….

“There’s so much pressure on moms to be perfect. Not just from the media either; moms do it to each other too.

If you’re not making time for self-care, ask yourself if it’s because mom guilt is telling you not to.

This article from explains it pretty well–we moms put ourselves on the shelf because we feel like it’s wrong to take the focus off our kids, spouse, or home.

And that’s a huge mistake. 

Mom’s guilt is so not worth your time. There’s no rulebook anywhere that says we have to do X, Y, or Z to be great moms.

And if there is, honestly, I’ve broken every rule in it, I’m sure. At least twice.

So if you’re feeling mom guilt about putting yourself first, just remember: self-care can make you a better parent.

And don’t let the guilt keep you from recognizing what you need to relax and recharge as a mom.”

Getting over the mom’s guilt will also be one of the biggest challenges of a work at home mom!

Not Being Able To Be Productive

There is so much to do already when you are a mom. If you add more pressure on yourself for doing remote works, it becomes harder for us mommies to accomplish all the tasks. Soon, we start feeling guilty about being unproductive. Research has found that more than laziness, the feeling of failure is responsible for procrastination. 

Now, what can you do to be more productive? Firstly, you need to accept that there are only so many things you can get done in a day. There are 24 hours in a day, and you can split it up smartly to assign more productive hours of your day to do the most crucial tasks. 

When you have a plan, things start to feel like they are doable. As you start feeling confident that you can achieve all the goals you set for the day, you will feel more productive. The trick is to manage expectations and assign yourself tasks that are the right balance between being too easy and hard.

Being productive and setting a schedule will help you overcome a lot of challenges of a work at home mom.

Check out these productivity hacks that we mentioned a few days ago!

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Not Being Able to take care of yourself

Often, we mommies neglect ourselves most, which ultimately takes a toll on our health. We worry about deadlines, taking care of the kids and the family, but we don’t worry about ourselves. Eventually, it will catch up, and you can get seriously ill or deal with a lifetime of medical issues. 

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to make time daily for self-care practices. Going out for a walk in the morning, practicing yoga, learning a new musical instrument, and any other thing that helps you relax is something you should do regularly. We would suggest taking part in activities that keep you both physically and mentally fit. 

You should eat healthily and nurture your body. You might feel like cutting your sleep short of completing a project. But, it is not wise to do so. If you take care of yourself then this will also help you overcome a lot of challenges of a work at home mom.

Comparing With Others

One of the most harmful practices is to compare your success to others. There will be people who are doing better than you. It doesn’t mean that what you have accomplished is any less significant. Comparing yourself to others would only make you doubt yourself and undermine what you have achieved. 

The better thing to do is to compare only with yourself. Think of how you have grown from the past year. You should be your only competition and let your growth inspire you to achieve more in your life. Just do better than what you did yesterday. Set your goals, and take care of yourself so your business can improve.


Considering the numerous work-from-home advantages if you are thinking of becoming a WAHM, you should also consider the realistic challenges of a work at home mom. We hope that this guide helped you identify some of the biggest concerns for a WAHM and showed you how to deal with them. 

We know that the life of a WAHM is far from easy. But if you take the right steps, you can manage your family and excel at work simultaneously.

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