The Way to Save Money Fast

Have you ever considered personal coaching as a means to save money fast? Have you heard of a financial coach before? Not many have. However, there are a lot of financial coaches out there ready to take you from dazed and confused about bills, to total money master!

 As a financial coach, I offer a 12-week money transformation program called Simply Freedom in which I help women (primarily other mamas) learn how to achieve lifelong financial security so they can spend their money guilt-free without a restrictive budget. 

I coach these women in weekly individual sessions, walking them through the proven framework I used to pay off $26,000 of debt in 6 months so that I could become a stay at home mom and spend more time with my babies.

 In truth, my family saves more money per month now, living off one income, than I ever did while I was working full time. It’s not because we earn more. It’s because we’ve honed our money management skills to cut out everything that wasn’t serving us and our goals. It really is possible.

I started by getting really good at goal setting. Then I got really good at goal achievement. Without goal achievement, the goals you set are meaningless.

Once you master one you have to master the other, or you’re going to spin in circles because they work in conjunction with each other. If there’s a miscommunication between the two- your goals are too big or too vague for example, it becomes much harder for you to achieve them.

The best way to save money fast is to use a guide, have accountability, and stay on track.


Our Story

It took me 3 years of working on our personal finances before I started to really see a change in our saving and spending habits. Starting from scratch, with no experience and no plan, was really hard. I was newly married, working 32+ hours a week, and doing full-time school at the University of Minnesota – Morris campus. I was young. (Though that’s no excuse, I’ve learned). 

All I had was the knowledge that I liked to spend money. My husband encouraged me to start tracking how much we were spending. He was studying accounting, working as an accountant’s assistant, and rarely spent money on anything, ever. He told me, “You spend the month, you should manage and track it to see where it’s really going..” He thought it would be good for me to see the actual numbers. 

Boy, was he right. I backtracked a couple of months and looked honestly at our figures. We were (*ahem, I was…) spending a lot more money than the amount of money that was coming in. I started wanting to know how to save money fast but knew that if I over-restricted our spending, then I would be stuck in yo-yo spending again. 

Without any help, a guide, or resources, I was on my own. I took it to Google. I’d gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University while in high school, so I knew I didn’t want debt and the best way to manage your money is not to spend what you don’t have. Beyond that, I was clueless. 

Simply tracking my money made a huge difference. I could see what the trends were, where we were overspending, and what needed to change. I looked into courses at my university, since I was in the sophomore year I had time to take every accounting and personal finance course they offered before graduating. 

Doing it on my own though, took me ten times as long as it takes my clients now. I helped one of my very first clients save $2,500 her first month working with me, while she was still out enjoying her life and doing things she loved. (She even got married on a trip to a different state the month after we spoke).

It took me years to build that savings habit. But again, that’s why I do what I do. To compress time, so my clients get to their goals faster working with me than they ever could working on their own.


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The Final Shove

After I became a work at home mom doing side hustles for a living while raising my kids (you know, because daycare costs are insane), a friend came to me, overwhelmed, stressed out, and almost desperate to save money fast and make a change. She knew I’d paid off a bunch of debt and was living on one income and wanted to know if I could help her. 

She’d been working two jobs since her oldest child was born. Working seven days a week most of the time, she was burned out. She didn’t know what she made, what she needed, or how to increase what was leftover at the end of the month. She wanted to enjoy life as a mom, but how could she when she was worried about paying bills every day? She was ready to learn how to save money fast, too.

We scheduled a playdate. I brought my two young kids who were each the same ages as her two. While they played, and the Dads were at work, she and I sat down and went through every expense, every income, and every debt they had. 

Line by line, we figured out why she’d felt so strapped for so long. I helped her create a plan to pay off their debt, and within a year she was able to let go of her second job. They had paid off six consumer debts. 

Finally, she was working a single full-time job for the first time in years. A few months later she went down to part-time hours and now has even more time to enjoy with her family.

This deeply impacted me. Seeing her so motivated from the plan we made, gave me that final shove I needed to put our money into hyperdrive, and figure out how to save money fast again, too. 

financial coach how to save money fast save money fast moneycoach sarah wahmlife work from home mom wahm mommy work from home

What I do as a Financial Coach!

I work closely with each client on an individual basis weekly for 90 days. I draw from the S.I.M.P.L.E framework that I developed to help mamas eliminate financial stress and build lifelong financial security so that they can enjoy their lives as mamas and reach their goals, without a restrictive budget. 

My S.I.M.P.L.E framework helps them to create a Simplified Intentional Money Plan to Live Empowered. Moms don’t need another iron added to their fires. We have enough going on as it is. Life is a never-ending cycle of busyness. Money shouldn’t be complicated, and learning to manage it shouldn’t be hard. 

Drawing from my experience, the courses I took while in college, and my time as a mom opened my eyes to exactly what it is we women deal with while working, or sahmomming, managing the finances, and trying not to be stressed or overwhelmed about it at the same time. It’s hard. So gaining clarity on what you want, getting organized, and eliminating that stress, shouldn’t have to be. 

That’s why I’m here as a financial coach. I provide the framework, the tools you need to succeed, and I’m here to answer any and all questions that come up. My program is designed to look inward too – knowing how you were raised around money, beliefs that you have around money that lead to self-sabotage are all unraveled and rewired. 

I LOVE Being a Financial Coach for Others!

Have you ever wanted to save money, but no matter what you try it doesn’t work out? Odds are, there’s a belief you’re holding onto that is keeping you stuck. It could be a thought like, “I’m bad at saving money.” So that each month you try to save money, you don’t because you believe that you’re bad at saving it, so instead of saving it, you spend it at Target. (Again, this is my weakness and I’m projecting it onto you haha). 

Does this speak to you? Would it help you to have a framework, accountability, and community to help you through your process of managing your money? What would your life look like if you underwent a money transformation in 12 weeks?

Dear reader, for being a part of the community here, you will be rewarded with $250 off my coaching program! Send me an email to with the keyword SAHMLIFESTYLE, and I will send you the details!

How I Started My Own Business as a Financial Coach!

After having my third daughter, I struggled with my mental health and body image. I was nursing, but the baby weight didn’t melt off like it did the first two times. I had been side hustling for a travel company that ended up going bankrupt due to Covid-19 and decided my New Year’s Resolution was to take time for myself, get my mind right, and come up with a plan after I’d taken care of myself for once (and all my kids, because that’s always the responsibility there).

For the first 90 days of 2021, I spent reading books. Personal development, Christian, fantasy, smutty romance books, mindset books, etc. I took 15 minutes each day to study Spanish and get in touch with a hobby of mine. Working out daily was also a priority. 

In between each of these things, I was also asking myself what I wanted my life to look like. What I kept coming back to was that time I helped my friend pay off debt, get rid of her second job, and eliminate the stress she had been feeling about her money for so long. 

Taking to Google, I started my search. I found communities of coaches, life coaches, and other money coaches to plug into. I started swapping services so I could learn what I needed while gaining experience. Listening to podcasts, watching the training on Youtube and with other professionals in the industry, and consistent work on myself and sharpening my skills became my daily tasks. 

One week I was challenged by a peer to purchase the business license I needed to legally help clients, and purchase the domain name for the website I intended to use down the line. So I did. The next few weeks I focused on marketing, asking for referrals, and making business partners with people who could use my service and share it with others in their industries as well. 

What my week looks like as a Financial Coach!

The best part of owning your own business as a financial coach is setting your own hours, and working from home. I adore working on my business while I cuddle my daughters on the couch. 

The hardest part of being a financial coach is feeling tied to your phone 24/7, always feeling like I should be doing more, and the constant aberration of “I need to know more, I need a new strategy, is this strategy going to work for me? What if it doesn’t work for me?” 

My week looks like coaching calls and marketing activities Monday – Wednesday, and Thursday I work on administrative things like cleaning up my website, preparing client files, and making sure to improve my client experience through the process. 

Tips to Someone Starting as a Financial Coach

First, believe in yourself. You have something to offer that is unique to the space. Your voice matters, your perspective, and experience can help someone. 

Second, get clear on who you want to help, and how you’ll help them. You don’t have to figure it all out as some of the Money Coaching is intuitive and varies from session to session, depending on what the client needs that day. It is good, however, to have an outline of your strengths in talking about and improving your ability to teach those to a client.

Third, pursue experience. Ask your friends and family if you can practice on them. Then, ask them for referrals so you can start gaining clients yourself. 

The most important thing about being a financial coach? Focus on the client. Make sure they know how you can help them. Help them to get real, tangible results. What I love about money coaching is watching a client go from start to finish and keeping a tally of their real results.

My first client saved $2,500 her first month. 

My second client created $14,000 to take her family on a dream trip to Disney within a year. 

My third client fully funded her 6-month emergency plan. 

These are real. These are tangible. These are trackable. Not many other niches in the life coaching space can offer such actionable results as these, and that is part of why I love being a financial coach!

Money is highly emotionally charged, and I’ve found that if a mama is worried about her finances, bills, or living paycheck-to-paycheck, that makes it harder for her to enjoy her relationships with her kids, spouse, and friends. It’s hard to focus on anything when you are trying to scrape together rent money. 

Helping other moms get rid of this stress opens up room for them to breathe, enjoy the life they have, and rest easy in the knowledge that they are making progress toward their goals – the S.I.M.P.L.E way. 

You can reach me at Don’t forget to use the keyword SAHMLIFESTYLE to take $250 off the cost of the Simply Freedom program and transform your money life today. 

Not ready to enroll? We have a Facebook group for you to plug into and receive twice-weekly training and support there.

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Who is Sarah?

Sarah is an active mom to three girls under age 6. When she’s not teaching other parents how to set and surpass their money goals, she loves to travel, go hiking, and ride horses. She is also passionate about writing, baking, and adventuring with her family. On her off days, you can find her out for a walk with their family’s corgi and yellow lab. She’s spent the last 5 years studying and practicing personal finance to help her clients transform their money. She’s seen transformations in her clients’ mindsets around money, their money-handling habits, their unconscious behaviors, and most importantly their results.

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