2 Simple Daily Tasks You Need To Do To Grow Your Business

Are you destined to be a WAHM mom entrepreneur_

You’re a work at home mom looking to grow your business while also potentially homeschooling now, too. The economy is changing, and the pressure is on, but I have good news for you.

You are in control of your future.

How empowering is that?! You are in control of your income, your financial freedom, and your work-life balance.

In fact, everything you need to do to kill it as a work at home mom, grow your business, and be the killer women entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of being—you know, the kind of makes $5-10k+ every month—boils down to these 2 daily tasks.

Create Value-Added Content

Value-added content is any content you create to help your ideal clients. It’s the type of content that can only come from you: blog posts, videos, case studies.

In short, it separates the experts from those who are regurgitating an article they read on Google.

The goal of this type of content is to serve your ideal clients. It might be a blog post listing 5 action items for people looking to improve their health or a Facebook Live where you teach your followers a specific skill.

This type of content meets a specific need and is essential to forming a connecting between you and your ideal client. It positions you as a trusted resource.

Connect with People

If I’ve learned anything about entrepreneurship, it is that you don’t have a business without sales, and you don’t have sales without connecting with people.

Every single day, go out and connect with new people.

Jump into Facebook groups and answer all the questions, head over to Instagram and reply to your ideal clients’ stories, hang out in the activity feed on LinkedIn.

Create a goal of how many new clients you want every month.

Next, figure out how many people you need to talk to in order to reach that goal.

Then go out and connect with them! Start genuine conversations, build real relationships, and seek to serve without strings.

Build your network and watch your client list grow!