As a stay-at-home mom, you are required to make many sacrifices. For many, the hardest part is to give up financial freedom to take care of children. Even if your husband is making enough for the family, there are many other reasons to think about making money from home. 

WAHMLife has got you covered if you are a mom who wants economic solvency by working from home. Our WAHMLife subscription box comes with all the essential tools and training that you would need to get your career started. Take a sneak peek on our Instagram!

WAHMLife realizes that your children come first. We give practical advice to our stay-at-home mom that helps to learn different ways to work remotely and have a stable income. We would provide you with a proper plan that you can act upon without having to compromise on the wellbeing of your family. 

WAHMLife Subscription Box Stay-at-home mom Making money from home WAHMLife moms

What’s Inside the WAHMLife Subscription Box?

WAHMLife subscription box is the perfect kit that you need every month to progress your career from home. It is designed both for new moms who want to earn a living from home and for moms who are already running a business online. All the elements inside the monthly subscription box are carefully selected so WAHMLife moms have the proper guidance they need every step of the way. 

Educational Books

The first thing that you need to succeed to work online or to be an entrepreneur is to have the proper knowledge. Our educational books have everything you need to know about different kinds of online jobs and the essential skills that would increase your value and secure your future. 

It will become easier to identify what you want to do online by reading these books. We would also provide a roadmap to follow so you can get the essential skills needed to build your career. 

Self-Care Books

To take care of your family, the first thing that you need to do is take care of yourself. We included self-care books that would show you the proper way to do that. These books are very well researched and they contain a lot of helpful information. 

We know moms don’t get enough time to research what they should do to take care of their own health. All the moms who subscribed to our monthly subscription box love this item as they get actionable steps to follow making it really easy to maintain their health.

Training and Courses

There is a QR code that comes with the WAHMLife monthly subscription box. When you scan this code they take you to a google drive link that has properly arranged courses and training for you to follow. In order to successfully make a career online, you would need to have a proper step-by-step guide. 

These training and courses are prepared specially for stay-at-home moms so they can succeed in making a career from their homes. They practically guide you to take the steps that are needed to start and later grow in your career.   

Business Books

Many of our WAHMLife moms are running a successful business from their homes. They need to know what is going on in the world of business, and our books give them all the essential news instantly. Business books hold all the information about what’s working now that you can act upon quickly to stay ahead of the curve. 

It is not at all easy to run a successful business from home and it becomes even harder for a mom who has to take care of the family as well. Our business books are specially made keeping that in mind so a mom can get inspired and be empowered with proper financial knowledge. 

Self-Care Items

You would get essential self-care items that are chosen by moms for moms. Every month you would get something new that would make it easier to take care of yourself. We also pack special coupons and discounts for our WAHMLife members as a special bonus. 

Office Supplies

Our Monthly kit also contains important office supplies that are very useful when you are working from home. We take into consideration what a stay-at-home mom would need to do their work properly and then select the items. Every month we update our list of office supplies so you have all the tools that make it easier for you to work on a project. 

WAHMLife Subscription Box Stay-at-home mom Making money from home WAHMLife moms

What Makes WAHMLife Subscription Box A Must Have?

Now that you know about everything you would get inside the WAHMLife subscription box, you have some idea of why you need it. We will help you to see more clearly why it is something that you must invest in for your personal and professional growth. 

Handpicked By Moms 

All the content that goes inside the WAHMLife subscription box is selected by a mom who has been in your shoes and understands what you need. Won’t you feel much better and confident knowing that, someone who understands what you exactly need is customizing the items for you?

Saves You A lot of Time

For doing research and planning what you need for a successful career online, you would need to devote an ample amount of time. It can be a very frustrating process as well if you have never done this before. WAHMLife subscription box is a much safer and fitting alternative as we make sure you have everything you need to succeed. 

You Are Not Overloaded with Information

We understand the limitations of time for a stay-at-home mom so we designed our monthly subscription box keeping your restrictions in mind. One of the most common reasons for people failing to have a successful career online is getting overwhelmed by the list of things to do and eventually quitting. 

We divide the steps you need to take after making sure they are possible to complete in a month without disrupting your busy schedule. Even if there were some unexpected emergencies in a month, you would get enough time to catch up the next month as we accounted for that too.

You Get Items That You Need

It is highly recommended that you fill out the survey form online, so we can understand what is working for you and what is not. We analyze the feedback of our customers and take action on them very quickly. Our mission is to provide you with essential tools and training that help you grow personally and financially. 

Maintaining a Proper Sequence

In order to be successful at doing something, you would need to take action properly. It can be hard to do so if you are not getting proper instructions. You won’t have to deal with any such problems if you are a WAHMLife member.

We compile the courses in proper order so you can do them at your own pace throughout the month. Many moms found success after following our courses and training. They all admired how well structured and organized our courses were which helped them to take the right action to grow their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost for each WHAMLife subscription box?

The price of each kit is $49.99 (valued at over $120) that auto-renews monthly. For shipping, it cost a flat rate of $7.99 per month and currently we ship within the continental.

You can go for the 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans that don’t auto-renew after the end of the term. However, after the end of each month, you would be billed automatically.

  • What if I want to cancel my subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want by logging into your account at our official website. If you are experiencing any trouble, you can notify us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • What if some items are broken that we received in the box?

At WAHMLife we make sure that the items in the box are properly packed, but still, during delivery, some items can get broken in rare cases. That is why we always recommend taking pictures before opening the box. 

If you find that any item is broken, please email us at so we can further assist you. 

  • What if the QR code/Coupon codes are not working?

 Please email us at so we can assist you with this issue quickly. 

  • What if I don’t like the items in the box?

To provide the best items to our stay-at-home moms, we always recommend filling out the survey form online. It helps us get a clear picture of what our subscribers want. We take action quickly about this so only those items are included which are loved by our customers.


The WAHMLife subscription box is one of the most affordable options available for moms to have proper guidance to make a successful career online. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want so there is not much to lose. Give it a chance and we are sure WAHMLife would grow on you. 

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